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  • Jalsa is a time of the year where I think we get an opportunity to refresh ourselves spiritually and we should all take advantage of this blessed event.

    (Huma Mir, Bradford)
  • I pray to Allah that jalsa goes peacefully and it is a success as always. Ameen. Also to all the jammat members who are working before, during and after jalsa, keep up the good work may Allah give you all the health and strength to carry on, Ameen.

    (Shakila Ahmed, Tooting)
  • Jalsa Salana UK Mubarak to all participants around the world, whether you are attending the jalsa or viewing on MTA. May this jalsa be a source of blessings for us all and rekindle the fire of faith inside all our hearts. Ameen.

    (Azrina, Momina, Nadia and Sadia Jowaheer, North London)
  • Jalsa Salana mubarak to our beloved Hazoor (aba) and all of jamat Ahmadiyya. May Allah keep us in touch with Khilafat till our last breath. Please remember Pakistani Ahmadis in special prayers.

    (Neelofer Khan, Lahore)
  • Wishing everyone a blessed jalsa! Jalsa Mubarak to all Ahmadis.

    (Farah Naveed, Tooting Broadway, London).
  • May Allah Almighty bless this gathering, may He enlighten our hearts and provide us a chance to develop in our spiritual endeavours. Ameen.

    (Amtal Basit – Burntwood Jama’at)
  • Jalsa Mubarak to everyone around the world! My dua is that may Allah bless our jama’at with plenty of success and keep us attached to Khilafat. May Allah grant our beloved Khalifa a long and healthy life. Ameen.

    (Shazia Khan, Lahore)
  • Jalsa salana UK Mubarik to all ahmdies.May Allah enable us to reap every blessing from this wondorous event inshaAllah.

    (Zubda, Chawinda, Pakistan)
  • Wishing everyone a very prosperous Jalsa Salana UK, 2015! May Allah's Choicest Blessings and Mercies be on us all and may He Grant us with all the capabilities to derive its maximum Benfits in the best possible manner.  Allahumma ameen. Wassalam,

    (Mrs Janat Kusi, Peckham Jamaat, Baitun Noor region).
  • May Allah Guide and Protect all Participants, local, regional or International Ahmadis, Converts & Guests. May Allah bless us with spiritual fruits and Light  from this Blessed Gathering  Insha'Allah. May Allah Increase our Iman and Forgive us our shortcomings and May the Blessings of Ahmadiyyat Khilafat Permeate our Daily Lives.  May Allah grant Peace and Understanding to the World and enlighten them to True Peace, True Unity and True Brotherhood, Insha'Allah Allahumma Ameen.

    (Shahida Boakye, Peckham Jamaat- Baitul Noor Region)
  • Jalsa Mubarak, may Allah make this event a spiritual success, Ameen.

    (Shahella, Burntwood Jamaat)
  • Assalam o alaikum ww, International 49th Jalsa Salana UK Mubarak to all! May this jalsa be a great success for Jama'at and bring blessings to all attendees. May Allah make the attendees Inheritor of the prayers of the Promised Messiah (as), ameen Allahuma ameen.

    (Dr Rehana Mansoor, Tooting Broadway Jama’at, London)
  • Asalamo alaikum ww, our jalsa is a source of happiness, a coming together of nations, a bundle of spirit. May allah bless those days with all the grace.

    (Sonia Hanif, Sutton Jama’at)
  • Salam my sisters, Wish you a wonderful memory of this year on our jalsa salana uk. Jalsa Salana Mubarik, Best wishes.

    (Tuba Hanif, Sutton Jama’at)
  • Asslam o Alaikum, Jalsa Mubaarik everyone :-) May Allah Tallah enable us to gather all the blessings of jalsa ameen. Jalsa Salana UK Zindabaad!!

    (Amara Anwar & family, Burntwood Jama’at)
  • May Allah make this jalsa another successful one InshaAllah and may He enable every single one of us to take the most benefits from it and encourage us to devote our lives to good deeds and Allah Almighty. Ameen.

    (Naima Mehmood & family, Tooting Broadway Jama’at)
  • Jalsa Salana UK Mubarik to everyone, may Allah tallah bless this Jalsa and enable us to be part of it and whether it's at home watching MTA or be there on the spot. Ameen.

    (From Maham Safdar, Tooting Broadway Jama’at)
  • May Allah enable us all to fully reap the spiritual benefits from this blessed event. Ameen.

    (Maliha Dogar, Burntwood Jama’at)
  • Praying for lovely weather this Jalsa, insha’Allah! Big Salam to everyone who came from other countries just to be at Jalsa. Love for all! May Allah bless us all! #jalsa2015.

    (Hafsa, Reading)
  • I pray that may the devotees of the Promised Messiah (as) grow and blossom spiritually in his garden, may we truly understand the purpose of the jalsa salana initiated by the Promised Messiah (as), may we become the recipients of his prayers and remain attached to the blessed institution of Khilafat. May these 3 days be a source of knowledge, spiritual experiences and lead to nearness to Allah (SWT). Allahuma Ameen. Jalsa Mubarak everyone!

    (Maryem Ahmed, Burntwood Jama’at)
  • Jalsa salana uk 2015 mubarak and many prayers from us for a successful Jalsa. May we all benefit from this Jalsa. Ameen.

    (Marya Ahmad, Roehampton vale)
  • Jalsa Salana UK Mubarak to all my sisters. May you all have a blessed few days & may these days enable us all to progress in our deen & ibadat. May we be able to listen to all the speeches & our beloved Huzoors khutbas & khatabs.

  • Jalsa Salana mubarak to all. May Allah grant each & every one of my lovely sisters the beautiful blessings of this auspicious event. Ameen. Jalsa Salana is a wonderful congregation of unity, piousness and it allows us all the opportunity to receive divine blessings, hear blessed & wise words of dignitaries & our beloved Huzoor (atba). May you all enjoy Jalsa Salana 2015. JazakAllah.

    (Atifa Amini Bradford South)
  • Jalsa Salana Mubarak. May Allah enable all us sisters to gain the wonderful blessings of this auspicious event and may we always strive forward in our religion. Ameen.

    (Azra Tahir Bradford South)
  • Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah e wa barakatuhu. Alhamdulillah the three blessed days are back! The days of peace, the days of brotherhood, the days that remind us of true Islam and our duties!  May Allah bless this event with His sheer Grace. May Allah be with our dearest Hazoor e Anwar and May we be able to gather unlimited blessings from this blessed and Holy event. Ameen ya Rabbal Aalimeen.

    (Sameera Mirza, Gillingham, UK)
  • Alhamdolillah the Jamaat will be holding its annual convention this year. Each year The Jammat has gone from strength to strength. May Allah make this annual convention a successful one like the rest of the Jalsas. May Allah enable us to take full advantage of the blessings which this spiritual gathering has to offer. May Allah enable us to do justice to our duties. May Allah give us strength to host this Jalsa and we do justice as hosts. Ameen

    (Maham, London)
  • Jalsa, the time of the year we all await for comes and goes so quickly. Three days fly by, but may Allah make it a success and  unite us in brotherhood. May the aim of jalsa be fulfilled. Ameen!

    (Sadia Waraich, Tooting Bec Jamaat)
  • I pray that this year's Jalsa Salana will have many more Ahmadi Muslim's from around the world, to come together in the UK as one and attain the blessings from this  gathering. I also pray that all the prayers that the Promised Messiah have prayed for the people who attend the Jalsa, Inshallah come true. Ameen sumameen.

    (Malahat Atta, Tooting Bec Jamaat)
  • Asslamo Alaikum w.w. Jalsa Salana UK Mubarak to every Ahmadi over the world. Wish I could attend it but I am thankful for the transmission of MTA which makes me feel like if I am staying onsite. With lots of prayers for our Jamaat.

    (Maham Ijaz, Kiel, Germany)
  • Assalamo alaikum and Jalsa Salana mubarak to all Ahmadis across the world. May this jalsa become a greater form of tabligh this year amongst the world than before. Wasalaam.

    (Saba Numaan Chaudhry, Raynes Park Jama'at)
  • Jalsa Salana is not a worldly affair. It is a spiritual event held once in a year in the UK. Please try and spend your time in the rememberence of Allah. Jalsa Salana Mubarik.

    (Zunaira Farakh, Burtnwood Jamaat)
  • Yeh Jalsa hamara yeh din barkatoon ke, khuda ki anayat or shafqatoon ke. Jalsa Salana Mubarik 2015.

    (Hina Hanif, Tooting)
  • Jalsa Salana UK Mubarik!

    (Mansoora, London)
  • Many Mubarik for Jalsa Salana UK!

    (Namrah, Khan. Tooting)
  • The days we have been waiting for are back! May Allah enable us to benefit from this blessed occasion. Ameen.

    (Mrs. Tahir, London)
  • Jalsa is such a special occasion to share with our family and friends. It reminds you even more of the beauty of Ahmadiyyat and the blessings of being in the community. The peace you feel during bai'at is indescribable. A unique experience.

    (Denise Asiya Rasheed and Shazia Bhatti, London)
  • Assalamo Alaikum to our beloved Hazur and Jalsa Mubarik to all the UK Jamaat members.

    (Faiza Malik and Family, Germany)
  • Salam and Dua to all. May Allah give huge success to Jamaat and great strength to beloved Hazur who is leading us.

    (Ayesha Sadiqa, Tooting)
  • Jalsa Mubarik to all. Will be following on MTA InshAllah.

    (Sadia Awan, Germany)
  • Assalamo Alaikum dear all. Jalsa Mubarik to all! This is truly one of the most spiritually uplifting conventions I have ever been to. Always brings tears to my eyes how blessed I am to have found Ahmadiyyat! Can't ask for more, I have fulfilled my life's purpose. Welcome all, to Jalsa Salana UK.

    (Farzeen Qureshi, Newham Jamaat)
  • My warmest Jalsa Salana UK 2014 wishes to all Ahmadies over the world. May every Ahmadi, be at home or attending the Jalsa InshAllah, benefit from this blessed occasion. Ameen.

    (Rabia Khan, Carshalton Jamaat)
  • Jalsa Mubarak to the whole Ahmadiyya Community worldwide, may God Almighty bless this gathering and enlighten our hearts during this spiritual journey.

    (Sobia, Roehampton)
  • It's the time again to gather at the garden of Mahdi, to reflect and embrace spirituality with all of one's heart. I pray that everyone wholeheartedly tries to hold unto the pious changes experienced during the blessed three days of the Jalsa Salana, Ameen. Remember, to smile and greet each other with Assalamu Alaikum to keep up the spiritual ambience of the Jalsa.

    (Humera Shahid, Tooting Bec)
  • Assalam o Alaikum, Jalsa Mubarik to you all. We have come from Qatar to attend this blessed event and to have the spiritual feeling and be close to our beloved Hazur. May this Jalsa be successful in every way like always Inshallah.

    (Majda Khan, Doha, Qatar)
  • Aslamo Aliqum everyone attending Jalsa. I wish you all a successful and blessed Jalsa Salana.

    (Farhat Khan, Jamaat Newham, UK)
  • Jalsa Mubarik to the whole Ahmadiyya Community worldwide, may God Almighty bless this gatheringg and enlighten our hearts during this spiritual journey. Ameen.

    (Sobia, Roehampton, UK)
  • Jalsa Mubarik!

    (Amtul Shafi, London)
  • Looking forward to welcome and serve the guests of the Promised Messiah (as). May Allah Almighty help all duty holders to fulfill the expectations set by our beloved Khalifa (aba). Ameen. Jalsa Salana Mubarik!

    (Amarah Perveen, Tooting Bec)
  • Thousands of Ahmadies will attend the Jalsa Salana this weekend. May Allah Almighty be our Protector from all difficulties on our journey to this blessed occasion. Jalsa Mubarik!

    (Zoobia Ilahi, Shirley)







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