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 Jalsa Salana UK 2014

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  • Assalam o Alaikum, Jalsa Mubarik to you all. We have come from Qatar to attend this blessed event and to have the spiritual feeling and be close to our beloved Hazur. May this Jalsa be successful in every way like always Inshallah.

    Majda Khan, Doha, Qatar
  • Aslamo Aliqum everyone attending Jalsa. I wish you all a successful and blessed Jalsa Salana.

    Farhat Khan, Jamaat Newham, UK
  • Jalsa Mubarik to the whole Ahmadiyya Community worldwide, may God Almighty bless this gatheringg and enlighten our hearts during this spiritual journey.

    Ameen, Sobia Roehampton, UK.
  • May Allah help make this Jalsa a huge success and may He keep Hazur-e-Aqdas and all the attendees in His Almighty Protection. Ameen. Jalsa Salana Zindabad!

    Durre Ajum , UK
  • Every year we come together, Rain or shine; whatever the weather. These three days; the purpose Divine, To reach The Exalted, The Glorified, The Sublime. Obedient are we to our beloved Khalifa, This is the aim of the true believer. As we sit and listen to profound words, The heart is touched, tearful eyes are blurred. They serve mankind, with smiles and laughter, Children feel pride serving cups of water. This Garden; once a barren land. But for these three days, we affirm our pledge at his hand. It begins on Friday's dawn, At the blink of an eye, the curtain is drawn. Once again do we yearn, For these three days to return.

    Sonia Khan, Morden, UK
  • This is the most special and spiritual event of the year where thousands of people from around the world meet up at one place to see, feel and inspire themselves from the words of our Khalifa. I wish everyone Jalsa UK Muabrik.

    Hina Hanif, London, UK
  • I pray that we are all able to understand the true purpose of these Jalsas initiated by the Promised Messiah (as). May Allah enable us to reap all the benefits of this blessed event. May Allah make us the beneficiaries of the prayers of the Promised Messiah (as) that he made for the attendees of this Jalsa. Jalsa Mubarik everyone!

    Maryem Ahmed, Tooting, London
  • Assalamo Alaikum, Jalsa Mubarik to all my Ahmadi brothers and sisters around the globe. May Allah enable our dearest Ahmadi brothers and sisters in Pakistan to also, once again witness the blessings of Jalsa in their home country. Please remember the Jalsa volunteers in your prayers. Jalsa Mubarik!

    Afshan Mehmood, Lower Morden, UK
  • Jalsa Mubarak everyone. Remember us in your prayers please and pray for all the teams here.

    Fazl Mosque, Lajna member
  • Assalamo Alaikum. We wish all Ahmadi Muslims around the world a very Mubarik Jalsa. May this Jalsa prove to be a very blessed and everlasting experience. Ameen.

    Ambreen Tahir and Afshan Naseer, Morden Park
  • Asalam o Alaikum everyone. Jalsa Mubarak, I would like to say Salam to all Ahmadies around the world especially in Pakistan. May Allah bless the Ahmadies living there and all the families of the Shohada who are there. Wassalam.

    Myra Farooq, Roehampton, UK
  • Assalamo Alaikum. The days have come for which all Ahmadies wait all year around. May Allah enable all of us you are attending this Jalsa, and watching Live around the globe, to attain Allah's nearness and become what the Promised Messiah had envisaged us to be. Ameen.

    Mansoora Bakhsh, London, UK
  • Jalsa is easily one of the major highlights of my year! Three days of enlightening gems, spiritual knowledge, an awe- inspiring international ceremony of The Pledge, beautiful souls and incredible food - an experience like no other. Make sure to immerse yourself in the blessing that by the Grace of Allah are being granted to us each year through Jalsa. Jalsa Mubarak! Love and Prayers.

    Sheeza Ahmad, London, UK
  • Assalamo Alaikum, We wish everyone a very spiritually reviving Jalsa Salana 2014. We pray that this Jalsa will be even better than the one before and will provide opportunities for Dua for Ahmadies around the world, Inshallah.

    Daniya Mehmood and Sheeza Ghazanfar, Kingston and Roehampton, UK
  • To everyone attending the Jalsa, may be the Blessings of Allah be upon you all and may this year be better than the previous. May your spirituality grow as intended by this event. Keep your family be they blood related or not, within your prayers. I pray that no difficulty is faced by you, and if so happens may Allah be with you. Jezakallah, Jalsa Mubarik.

    Ramsha Ahmad, London, UK
  • Assalamo Alaikum. May Jalsa be a spiritual and blessed event. I pray that we all remember the purpose of Jalsa and take this time to pray for family, Jamaat and remember those suffering in Gujrawala. I pray you have a safe journey. Jalsa Mubarak!

    Attia and Maryem Saud, Havering, UK
  • Assalamo Alaikum. By the Grace of Allah the United Kingdom is one again extremely fortunate to host and be a part of Jalsa Salana. We pray for all those travelling to reach safely and we pray for those who could not make it to Jalsa this time and we pray for those who are in difficulty around the world, especially in Pakistan. May Allah the Gracious help them, Ameen.

    Naila Naseer, Nabigha Tahir and Saleha Kamar, UK
  • Jalsa Mubarik from Lajna Security team at Hadeeqa-tul-Mahdi. Wishing all Ahmadies world-wide a blessed Jalsa. To all my beloved sisters and brothers in the community worldwide, I wish you all a blessed Jalsa and ask humbly for prayers for the Security Team at Jalsa.

    Rizawana Shams, London, UK
  • Assalamo Alaikum dear brothers and sisters. It is the time of year again where we Ahmadies gather and enhance our relationship with Allah. We hope this Jalsa brings happiness and blessings to you as it does to us.

    Kainat Hanif and Soha Marrium Bhatti, London, UK
  • Jalsa Mubarik to all Ahmadies around the world. Please pray for the success of this Jalsa Salana and all for All the Ahmadies who suffering around the world. May this Jalsa bring blessings to us all.

    Naaila and Sidra Giny, UK
  • Jalsa Mubarik and welcome to Jalsa! Please pray for all attendees and all Ahmadies around the world.

    Kashfa, Zubdah, Sana and Hirra, UK
  • Dear Sisters and Brothers, Jalsa Mubarak! Jalsa is a religious convention, I hope you enjoy and hopefully can cherish every moment of it. May Allah shower His Blessings on each and everyone of us. I humbly request for prayers.

    Hania, UK
  • Jalsa Mubarik to you! I hope you have a joyful time at this wonderful occasion.

    Kasida, UK
  • Jalsa Mubarik to all Ahmadies around the world. May you have a blessed Jalsa and remember us in your prayers.

    Madiha, Tuba, Amtul Naseer and Tahira, UK
  • Jalsa Mubarik! May Allah bless you and your family.

    Shehla Ahmed, UK
  • Wishing all the attendees a very successful jalsa. Please pray that Ahmadis in Pakistan can experience these blessed days soon inshaAllah too. Remember all of us in your special prayers. JALSA MUBARAK!

    Sairah Nawaz, Lahore
  • Jalsa Mubarak everyone, May this Jalsa be more successful than the previous one.

    Farah Naveed, London.
  • May Allah Almighty bless this gathering, may He enlighten our hearts and provide us a chance to develop spiritually. May we become a source a contentment for our beloved Khalifa inshaAllah. Jalsa Salana UK Mubarak!

    Amtal Basit, London
  • Jalsa is about sharing love, peace and respect. Do your best to win hearts and show respect and give love to others.

    Sheeza Ahmed, Tooting
  • Jalsa Mubarak to all ahmadis around the world. May we all reap the benefits this blessed gathering has to offer. Ameen.

    Azrina Jowaheer, London
  • Jalsa Mubarak to everyone.

    Nadia and Sadia Jowaheer, London
  • This gathering has been achieved through Allah Almighty's help and order. The foundations of this holy event has been made by Allah Almighty's own hands. This is why nations are pulled together at this brotherly platform to seek spiritual satisfaction. I wish everyone a memorable Jalsa.

    Agnes Birki Hanif, London
  • Assalamo Alaikum dear all. Jalsa Mubarik to all! This is truly one of the most spiritually uplifting conventions I have ever been to. Always brings tears to my eyes how blessed I am to have found Ahmadiyyat! Can't ask for more, I have fulfilled my life's purpose. Welcome all, to Jalsa Salana UK.

    Farzeen Qureshi, Newham Jamaat
  • My warmest Jalsa Salana UK 2014 wishes to all Ahmadies over the world. May every Ahmadi, be at home or attending the Jalsa InshAllah, benefit from this blessed occasion. Ameen.

    Rabia Khan, Carshalton Jamaat
  • Jalsa Mubarak to the whole Ahmadiyya Community worldwide, may God Almighty bless this gathering and enlighten our hearts during this spiritual journey.

    Sobia, Roehamton
  • It's the time again to gather at the garden of Mahdi, to reflect and embrace spirituality with all of one's heart. I pray that everyone wholeheartedly tries to hold unto the pious changes experienced during the blessed three days of the Jalsa Salana, Ameen. Remember, to smile and greet each other with Assalamu Alaikum to keep up the spiritual ambience of the Jalsa.

    Humera Shahid, Tooting Bec
  • Salam everyone. Wish you all Jalsa Mubarak and pray that everyone ear rives safely. Hope you enjoy the Jalsa and pray that weather changes to sunshine.

    Sana Hanif, London
  • Jalsa is really exciting because you get to do duties and you see Huzoor. I really like it when they read bai'at out in the different languages.

    Zarah Rasheed, London
  • I like jalsa because we all listen to Huzoor. We meet people from all over the world and its like a huge family all together.

    Subhana Bhatti
  • Jalsa is such a special occasion to share with our family and friends. It reminds you even more of the beauty of Ahmadiyyat and the blessings of being in the community. The peace you feel during bai'at is indescribable. A unique experience.

    Denise Asiya Rasheed and Shazia Bhatti, London.
  • Assalamo Alaikum to our beloved Hazur and Jalsa Mubarik to all the UK Jamaat members.

    Faiza Malik and Family, Germany.
  • Salam and Dua to all. May Allah give huge success to Jamaat and great strength to beloved Hazur who is leading us.

    Ayesha Sadiqa, Tooting.
  • Jalsa Mubarik to all. Will be following on MTA InshAllah.

    Sadia Awan, Germany







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